I gave you a thumbs up but this was a poor video. When you pop one and one near it half pops, finish it off. You left considering it completed. Wrong!! While extracting you need too keep your fingers and tool out of the way of the camera lens. We miss the pop and the camera can’t focus. The videographer also needs practice.

Only thing keeping these videos from being top notch is the focus. Gives me a headache trying to watch because they are blurry. First of all. Not to bad. You only left 3/4 of the gunk behind. 2cd stop with the 3rd finger. Its not strong enough. Get rid of camera person. editing sucked.

I love you videos but seriously could be better if the popping wasn’t all over the place like no direct plan. hard to follow. not squeezing out all the debris. empty the pores. better camera work1